The Blessing in Buddhism

Lately I have been thinking about Buddhism, one of my best friends and I have even made one of the buddhist sayings our motto. “May we exist like a lotus flower at ease in muddy water.” This is the definition of simplicity in complexity, and I have been reading more about Buddhism… I will not give away my personal beliefs however, I will say that joining a religion does not mean you are a representative of that religion by attending church. You are a representative of your religion through the way you live your life. If you choose to follow what everyone else is doing and saying, then nothing will ever get done. We must divert from normality and forge new roads. Life is short, but sweet if you learn to let go of stress, the past, (it is called the past for a reason) negativity, (no one needs that in their life), and pain (we are all suffering). We must instead embrace new opportunities, accept differences, live with those you don’t understand (and try to walk a day in their shoes before judging), and think about our future briefly so we can set present goals. After much contemplation, I have decided as of now, that the religion I support the most is Buddhism. Will it change? Probably, all religions seem to have grey areas or darkness within them, however I appreciate the buddhist point of view and how they choose to live with others peacefully. We have enough wars and disagreements, (which can be beneficial to a point). After all, no one should say yes to everything they hear, we are individuals and we have our own opinions. So disagreements are inevitable and not the problem, we are the problem, if we choose violence over understanding without even attempting to hear the other person’s point of view. There are always two sides to a story. Similarly there are many faces to a person. The ones they front and masquerade in, and the ones that are hidden from most. Those with a perceptive eye may see through the facades, and reach out, however not many people are willing to stop and look at the person behind the mask. I have gone off track from my original point, but overall I like the values and principles of Buddhists. Even if I do not claim myself as a Buddhist or join the religion, that does not mean I won’t be willing to read more, learn more, and live more like them.

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