Secret Law of Attraction

Recently I have been looking into Buddhism, energy, the state of mind and consciousness, the metaphysical world, and the forces that we are. In other words, what are we and how did we come to being? What are we made up of? Are there certain elements in our lives that we can relate to? What is calming, how do we come about finding solace? Why are we calmed or at ease by that thing? How are our emotions translated? What about our body language? Are we acting, or being authentic in how we communicate with others? How do we feel pain? Is pain and suffering more physical or mental? Do we have a purpose? Is that purpose to become successful, wealthy, ambitious, and hardworking? Or is it rather to impact those around us, create a movement, change the world, and be the best that we can be by forgetting about ourselves and living our life for others? Einstein once said,”only a life lived for others is a life worth living.”

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