Genius Hour

This Genius Hour project was surprisingly relaxing… That was a joke, it was actually hectic, and nerve-racking at times, however I did enjoy getting time to plant the flowers and take pictures with my mother in the garden. Never underestimate the role a mom can play in your life, because she plays the most vital role. She is the reason we are who we are. I have a deep appreciation for all of the moms out there, because just babysitting can be exhausting. Not to mention, I have to give props for all of the moms who know exactly what to say when it comes to spreading words of wisdom, or how to handle certain situations. It is not always as easy as it appears, and you have to deal with the¬†emotional roller coaster. In the end I feel like being a mom is worth it, because you have the deepest connection with your child, and get to teach them the difference between right and wrong until they can do it for themselves. I feel like being a mom may be very difficult, especially when juggling the position with work and for some, school, but it is a rewarding experience that is unmatched.

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