The Old Man Analogy,manual

Personally, I’ve always supported the under dog in most movies. However, Mufasa who has always been the under dog has been transformed from his childhood into a villain. Instead of supporting him, I pity him. He’s the scrawny runt of the family but he has a really rotten attitude. He could have lived happily in the pride if he had chosen to, and it is his choices that get him kicked out in the first place as an outsider. It is our decisions that lead to our actions which we are solely responsible for. Even if you are dealt a foul hand in life, that is your hand and you need to make the most of it. See the glass as half full not half empty, and work to improve your attitude about life. You are responsible for your life and the way you live it, just as Scar is. Thinking back to another Childhood favorite, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Charlie was a very poor boy who only wanted the best for his family and a trip to the chocolate factory. He always looked at life with optimism, when he could. He may not have had the biggest house, or the finer things, but what he had was valuable…He had people who loved him. Love is one of the most undervalued but greatest things on Earth, and to share love with others is very special. I do feel bad for Scar in that regard because he did not have the love that Mufasa had. I feel like he was envious of that and green with jealousy with that love being past down to Mufasa’s son. After all Scar had been through. However, Scar could have been the good guy. He didn’t have to kill Mufasa. It was his choices, his decisions that ended his own brother’s life, and for what? Power. To be king and rule over the kingdom. I know that this is just a kids movie, why take it so seriously? It can apply to all aspects of life that’s why. Walt Disney is very clever in the way he portrays his characters, each individual personality, and the hardships the characters must endure… They can really lead to food for thought. Maybe you meet some of these personas in real life, and they appear really familiar to you… That’s when you remember back to the Disney movie and know that I told you so.

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