Walt Disney


According to this article, Walt Disney has decided to ban selfie sticks. I never even heard of a selfie stick until now. However, I do think that it is important to choose safety over selfies, and that they made a good decision to ban selfies on rides. Having an electronic device in the first place while on a ride that is not concealed is a bad idea from the first place, because it is unsafe. It is not worth risking your safety or someone else’s for vanity. If you are going to take selfies take them at the park before the ride, so that it does not interfere with anyone else’s safety or experience. It seems like this is straightforward and obviously a bad idea to take pictures on a ride while it’s going, but people still do it. Do us all a favor and wait. It’s like texting and driving… There are so many people who despite knowing how dangerous it is, will still do it. Somehow people get this sick sense that they are invincible, and sure there are stories of injuries and car accidents that happen to other people, but it would never happen to you if you’re careful enough? This is a bad mindset, and we need to knock it off. Selfies are fun, but wait until after the ride is done:)

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