Tim’s invitation to Prom<3 WRHS 2014

Don’t forget to check out the link above. Some of the pictures show some really cheesy pick ups, like “Will you go to prom with me or is this too cheesy” *holding a piece of pizza*. Others are honest,”I finally got enough balls to ask you to prom.” “Will you go to prom with me yay or neigh?” (have to admit that one was pretty inventive). “I know I’m not McDreamy or McSteamy but will you be “my person” at prom?” (gotta love those Grey’s Anatomy references). Then there are those oh so wonderful poems “Roses are red donuts are bomb do me a favor and be my platonic date 2 prom?” Followed by a “Don’t be chicken and go to prom with me?” (I mean how romantic is that?), and of course who can’t resist the “I hate everyone… you hate everyone let’s hate everyone together at Prom?” Nonetheless it’s the thought that counts. I remember back in high school when all of the girls despite what they thought of dances were waiting for senior year to be asked that one question everyone wants to be asked, (besides the much bigger question that comes further down the road, “will you marry me”) “will you go to prom with me?” This one dance made some girls even go boy crazy. Let’s face it everyone is waiting for that one special question from that special someone, because it is the final year that you will be together in high school, and it is one of those rite of passage moments. Sure, there are some people who prefer not to attend, or decide to go with their friends… That’s all fine and good. However, that one question being asked can be a life changer for many people, and very special despite how it is done. I absolutely loved going through all of these pictures and seeing how others have been asked, most of all it brings back the memory of my own prom. I can just imagine how happy and excited all of these girls were to be asked out by their prince charming. Each story is special, because it is true to the heart, and that person’s own to remember for the rest of their lives. Whether asked out by a cheesy pick up line or serenaded with candles and the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, the moments are priceless and unforgettable.

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