Genius Hour Project

In class on Friday, I was absent because I had come down with the Plymouth Plague. So, I missed the third genius hour project, but being sick reminded me of how bad of an idea it is to practice playing the flute when you have a raw or sore throat. It’s spreading germs, and causes the throat to be in worse pain. I might be behind where I want to be on the genius hour project, but that just goes to show that getting sick can really impact your daily life. I also think that it is ridiculous that we were told at orientation that there is no excuses for getting sick, that if you wash your hands you won’t get sick. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure, washing your hands helps maintain a good hygiene and to keep germs off, but it cannot stop you from getting sick.  After all, the other day I was babysitting with two sick kids staying home alone, and they were coughing constantly. The littler one of the two, I was holding trying to find him something to eat, and he was the sicker of the two. It’s pretty hard not to get sick even when you are washing your hands, when you are holding a child that coughs right in your face. I understand that the school doesn’t want us to use being sick as an excuse, and that more than three absences could fail you in one or more of your classes but not everyone can get better in three days. It took Friday and the whole weekend just to revert back to a stuffy nose and incessant cough. Most students take longer to get well, depending on what they have. The students who are sick should stay home or in their dorms to make it so that others don’t get sick. If they aren’t allowed to miss more than three classes they will feel inclined to go to class despite what condition their health is in. Shouldn’t we be protecting other students and teachers from getting sick to the best of our ability? This is not a good system. It’s like saying that you can get a job if you don’t have a degree. Sure there are circumstances where there are some places that will hire you, but not a lot. Often times you can’t get into college unless you have money to pay for tuition, therefore you need a job. And once again it makes it difficult to get a job if you do not have a declared major or have not yet started college. Some systems do not work effeciently enough.

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