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Recently I read a chapter in How to Think Straight About Psychology by Keith Stanovich and came across a theory that I liked which seemed to be not only accurate but relatable. “We would have many fewer social and personal problems if we could only understand that, when our beliefs are contradicted by evidence in the world, it is better to adjust our beliefs than to deny the evidence and cling tenaciously to dysfunctional ideas.” This careully worded idea, can come across in all aspects of our lives, such as in writing. Simply put, be openminded. As Shapiro might have mentioned in her book. It is important to take in the whole picture before discarding it, or tearing it to pieces. Do not discredit a claim or someone’s personal thoughts until you have all the information, and evidence as to why your opinion is more significant…because in most cases your opinion is not needed. Not if it is close-minded. One place I see this most often is in Church. I will admit that I do not go to church regularly, but on an occasion I join my friend to attend Sunday service when I visit her. So many people have arguments over religion, many ill words are exchanged on the matter…To the point that there have been a history of wars over religion. Protestant vs. Catholic…etc. My belief is to hold true to myself and to not fully commit myself to any one religion. I do not want to follow the words of a preacher. Rather I want to question, ask as many questions as I can come up with, and learn…about all of the religions. I cannot simply cast aside someone’s beliefs. To each their own. Everyone has a set of beliefs, faith in which they rely on. It provides them with hope, answers, forgiveness, and understanding. Further insight to the unanswerable questions. How can one religion stand up and say that they are better than any other, if we do not have proof? People should believe in whatever they want to believe in, they should not be forced into any one religion because of their friends, relatives, or even the fear of going to hell if they do not commit. I was lucky to have my friend show me her beliefs, and learn more about them. However I am not strictly a part of that belief system now because of that influence. I am not an atheist, what I am is agnostic. Some day I hope to learn more about hinduism, catholicism, protestants, budhism, and as many other religions as possible. To me they are all different pieces to this puzzle, a different way of interpretation. A book to which you can read and hear many different stories. To me religion is like a culture, everyone has their own, there is no one better than the other, we are all as equals trying to discover the purpose of life. It is a long journey but there are pleasant views, and happy experiences that come with it. I think that if we all started to formally settle our differences, or at least come to terms that we may have disagreements but that does not mean that we cannot get along or at least coexist…than maybe we would have learned one of live’s valuable lessons. We do have differing views, that is no secret. But it is our actions that define us most, not our words. Believe, live, be happy, and learn. It may be easier said than done but do what you can to live simply. Because like the cliche constantly reminds us, life is short. Loved ones pass, and so do we. It is the circle of life, but in our lives we can do something extraordinary. Whether that is teaching, helping, thriving, respecting, changing, or simply just living. We all have something to offer. Something spectacular and like no other.

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