A love of mine

I desire to become a wedding planner in the future. Though you only need certification to pursue this career, I want to finish my years at college, and earn a degree. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to write short stories. After I left a life of homeschooling to enter public school in fifth grade my inspiration to write, and writing itself had become more difficult. I did not have “my place” to write. It was different, I was trapped behind white walls, and a brick exterior. Hard chairs, and loud noises seemed to be my achilles heel. What was the point? Every time I started a sentence, I had to backtrack and erase everything I had written. I was too easily distracted in the classroom. Though through time, I found that as Shapiro had mentioned in her book, the importance of patience. So I will be patient with my writing, and continue working toward a degree. For the fullfillment of motive, the ambition to do more with my life. I think people tend to undervalue the significance that writing plays in our lives, when I become a wedding planner however, writing is a skill that will be useful. I will no longer be writing short stories, but I will move forward, and perhaps try my hand at calligraphy. Writing is a gateway into the soul. Even if is not deemed as important in the work environment that you choose, continue to write as a hobby. Discover, learn, uncover, and create what you could only have imagined. It is a meditative process, and can be for some a way of enlightenment. The more we put down on paper, the more repitive the thoughts or themes, the more we can etch away at our exterior selves, the superficial and reveal a deeper meaning. As some people do with their dreams. They keep a dream journal in which they tranfer as much as they remember on to paper, and try to figure out how parts of that dream work into their every day lives. In time they may find their dreams have unveiled a loathing of their boss (though they would never admit it in person). The realization and awareness is important however, so they can understand more clearly the how, and why aspect. Try to fix that broken relationship, or improve their work not for their boss but for themselves. You can discover a best kept secret of your subconscious through your dreams which I think is truly remarkable.

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