Sleep Deprivation

Never underestimate the power of sleep. I have not slept well this past month, and it has taken it’s toll. It is difficult to function and think logically when you are tired. Especially when you are watching other children, and need to make sure you are “on” every second in case something happens. Sleep sounds heavenly just about now. Enough said. I have not been able to write clearly lately because I have not had the proper amount of sleep. So I am off to bed, pip, pip, cheerio!

Genius Hour

This Genius Hour project was surprisingly relaxing… That was a joke, it was actually hectic, and nerve-racking at times, however I did enjoy getting time to plant the flowers and take pictures with my mother in the garden. Never underestimate the role a mom can play in your life, because she plays the most vital role. She is the reason we are who we are. I have a deep appreciation for all of the moms out there, because just babysitting can be exhausting. Not to mention, I have to give props for all of the moms who know exactly what to say when it comes to spreading words of wisdom, or how to handle certain situations. It is not always as easy as it appears, and you have to deal with the emotional roller coaster. In the end I feel like being a mom is worth it, because you have the deepest connection with your child, and get to teach them the difference between right and wrong until they can do it for themselves. I feel like being a mom may be very difficult, especially when juggling the position with work and for some, school, but it is a rewarding experience that is unmatched.


The books we have read in class were actually inspiring. They teach you to be yourself, believe in yourself, and put a value on your work. There is an artist in each of us, creativity itching to come out. It’s no piece of cake, following your ambitions into becoming a novelist, but through the small mediocre everyday tasks and steps we can accomplish so much more than we think.

Hippie Status? Not Quite

Another thing that has surfaced my thoughts, is whether or not I sound like a hippie, or appear that way to others. Some of my friends used to think that I was a bit of a hippie, besides the fact I don’t smoke. They would look at the way I acted, spoke, and dressed and call me out on it. Whether it was through wearing floral designs, buying flowery cards, or speaking about life and love, I was perceived by some as a hippie. I have no problem with being called a hippie, other than the fact that it may ensue that I do drugs… because it seems like a peaceful way to live. I like to live clean and “go green,” I enjoy sitting out on the grass thinking about life, but I do not like that hippie’s have gained such a negative reputation. I’m not a hippie, I just like to do hippie things. When you think of a hippie what comes to mind? Headbands, peace signs, guitar, drugs, and vans? Let’s change our perception on life, and our attitudes. A hippie is not what they smoke or how they dress, but what they feel and think. Their views on life are different than my views on life which are not the same as yours. Why don’t we bury the hatchet, and put the stereotype to rest. Hippie school’s may not be accepted by some, but to others they may be the best. Let’s stop stereotyping and start living based on values and precedence. I’m not a hippie, I’m just friendly and happy go lucky once you get to know me. I know this is a bit of a rant, and may seem insignificant and judgmental in itself, but I felt it needed to be said. Peace! ✌️